Jack Rugile

Front End Developer

The web moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

I'm a front end web and game developer with professional experience in the agency realm. My ambition is to create interactive experiences that bring people joy and solve problems. I take pride in my work and want to leave the web better than I found it. I'm looking to collaborate with a team of innovative professionals who are dedicated to their craft.


Screenshot of If This Then Dominos

If This Then Dominos

Dominos + IFTTT Automatic Order Triggers

A microsite featuring the many ways you can automatically order Dominos based on event triggers. Built with Vue.js and GSAP.

@ Legwork Studio & CPB

Screenshot of YouTube View in 2

YouTube View in 2

Trends and Content Tips for Brands

A microsite feauring View in 2, a video series highlighting the latest YouTube trends, insights, and content tips for brands.

@ Legwork Studio

Screenshot of Omelet Agency

Omelet Agency

Los Angeles Ad Agency

A full website showcasing the work, people, and values of Los Angeles based ad agency, Omelet. Built with React.

@ Legwork Studio

Screenshot of Itch A Skitch

Itch A Skitch

Canvas Powered Etch A Sketch

A recreation of the famous Etch A Sketch, right in the browser. Users can save, share, and comment on the sketches. Built with 2D canvas.


Screenshot of Lost Without You

Lost Without You

Turn-Based Action Puzzler

Help two friends find each other in the dark before they run out of light. Alternate between each friend to navigate through the darkness in a mysterious labyrinth. Received 29th place in LD41. Built with Three.js.

@ Ludum Dare 41 with Nicolle Witte

Screenshot of Mono Move

Mono Move

Single Control Gravity Switching

Play to the end with as few deaths as possible in this single control, gravity switching, rage inducing, death tallying obstacle course. Featured at Denver Creative Tech meetup. Built with 2D canvas.

@ Denver Creative Tech

Screenshot of Radius Raid

Radius Raid

Space Shoot 'Em Up in 13kb

Blast away unrelenting enemies before they destroy you. Features 13 enemy types, 5 powerups, parallax backgrounds, retro sound effects, and locally stored stats. Received 1st place in js13kGames 2013. Built with 2D Canvas in 13kb.

@ js13kGames 2013

Screenshot of Ride the Magic

Ride the Magic

Boreal Mountain Snowboard Adventure

A snowboarding game promoting discounted tickets to ride Boreal Mountain in Soda Springs, CA. Built with Phaser.

@ Legwork Studio & Hovercraft Studio

Screenshot of TurtleRat Alley

TurtleRat Alley

Capital One Bowling

Part of Capital One's March Madness 2018 campaign featuring Charles Barkley and San Antonio, TX. Bowl an armadillo in three alleys. Built with Three.js and GSAP.

@ Legwork Studio & DDB

Open Source

Screenshot of VariaBoard


Parameter Control Interface

A control interface to modify parameters in JavaScript. Useful for live tweaking settings in visual demos.

Screenshot of Placeholdem


Placeholder Caret Animation

A JavaScript plugin that animates placeholder carets on inputs and textareas. The placeholder value will incrementally delete on focus, and restore on blur.

Screenshot of jRumble


Element Rumbling jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin that rumbles, vibrates, shakes, and rotates elements. A prominent way of directing attention to a specific part of the UI.


Screenshot of Start Making Games

Start Making Games

An Intro to Game Dev for the Web Dev

A talk about why games are the ultimate creative expression, how to build a simple pong game, and how to ramp it up to the next level.

@ DVLP DNVR 2016

Screenshot of 3D Particle Explorations

3D Particle Explorations

Codrops Playground Article

An article with demos showing the power of 3D particles. Great for loader animations, backgrounds, and transitions. Built with Three.js.

@ Codrops

Screenshot of Inspect Interview

Inspect Interview

Discussion with Kyle Coberly

A casual discussion about software, music, and games with Kyle Coberly. Learn about how it all started and why I do what I  do.

@ Denver Devs Medium

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